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Why is online anonymity important? Keeping anonymity with a proxy site

Nowadays it becomes harder and harder to stay anonymous on the Internet. Each of us has a basic right to privacy. But the current online circumstances are such that each of us should think about our private data security.

We want to list several main factors why it is important to ensure the privacy of your personal data on the Internet. Next, we will mention a few of the most popular methods of how to implement it such as proxy sites, VPN and TOR.

The main causes and threats of anonymity on the Internet

Content blockages

You want to watch something, but a website shows that video is not available in your area. The problem is related, for example, to content copyright issues. You must "change your face", or rather the visible place of stay, to see the video you are looking for. This may concern not only videos on YouTube, but also many other websites.

Corporate activity

Lots of large companies have leverage and sufficient technical resources to extract incredibly huge amounts of data about Internet users. They regularly collect all possible user’s data to promote their offers and advertise. In other words, they do this to increase profits.

Internet service providers

This item of the plan is closely related to the previous one. Providers deliver Internet services to people. They control the data that you use, and they also provide you an IP address - your "place" on the Internet. Actually they should protect your privacy, but there is still some possibility of collecting and sharing user’s data. Also most of the ISP maintain black lists of websites which are not allowed to access, so it can be another reason for you to think about anonymity more seriously.

Harmful employers

You spend a lot of time at work at the computer. It is perfectly logical that you need to escape from the work process from time to time. Some employers usually think only about performance indicators and do not allow you to have even a little bit of rest. It often happens that an employee is punished for doing so. There are no less common situations when the management of companies requests the system administrator to block websites within the corporate network and restrict your Internet activities.

The gains of intruders

Almost always, they need financial data to steal money. It is a big risk for you not to use even the basic security measures of online payments. In some cases, this category of threats is associated with the ordered surveillance of a person.

Ways to stay anonymous on the Internet: proxy site, VPN, Tor

Finally, we mention a few useful anonymity tools. You can protect yourself with their help. It is important for you to at least navigate the list of tools available to everyone.

Proxy site

Proxy site is a service or program that acts as an intermediary between you and the requested site. It turns out that all your requests will be addressed only to one server, and it will already send them to the needed point.

Speaking about proxy sites CroxyProxy is the most advanced one. It supports any kind of website and can be used to unblock YouTube, Google, Facebook, Twitter and a lot of others. It is free so you can start safe browsing right now!


VPN is a class of technologies and methods that allow you to create a special encrypted and unavailable channel between the user and the Internet. This allows you to hide your real IP address and become anonymous, as well as encrypt all your traffic.


TOR is a network of routers and software designed specifically to ensure the anonymity of users. When using this technology, your request to the site and the response from it passes through a chain of proxy servers. Nobody can't find your way here.

We wish you to keep anonymity and be free to use personal information with the online proxy and any other tool!

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